Rep Testimonial from Christine Haywood

This testimonial was received today from Christine, here is what she has to say!

“I absolutely love this company. As a rep I get so much support, I have never been left on my own like I have with other companies who I no longer work for. I receive proper training and even tho I’ve done the training, if I’m still not sure of anything I can still ask management or other reps without any of them ignoring me or being annoyed. Zoe and Nick are 2 of the nicest and patient people I have ever come across.

I have also bought products from PGE and they arrive in excellent condition and they don’t take too long arrive even personalised products 
So would I recommend PGE to you …..yes I definitely do. I love it x”
If you would like to get in contact with Christine, you can find here through her Facebook group link at Chris’s Wonderful PGE Gifts.

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