**New Collection** – Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes and Santa Letters

Sorry to say ladies and gentlemen but Christmas is well and truly on its way to our lovely homes.

Do you remember how you felt those Christmas Eve nights, anxiously trying to get to sleep to make morning come quicker or determined to stay up and see Santa or hear the Reindeer?

Well this year you can give the little ones in your life a truly magical gift, our Christmas Eve Boxes can be personalised with any name.

And if that is not enough magic we also have our personalised Santa Letters.

Come and check them out here

Which items to add to your box this year:

  1. Christmas Pajamas
  2. Christmas Slippers
  3. A winter teddy, such as a penguin or polar bear
  4. Reindeer Food, pretzels, peanuts (be cautious of any nut allergies)
  5. A Christmas Movie
  6. A Christmas Activity Book or Story
  7. Sweets, Popcorn, Chocolate, Marshmallows, anything that your children love to eat or get at special occasions.

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