**NEW COLLECTION ** Advent Calendars

Christmas is fast approaching and one of my favourite parts of Christmas is the countdown and the advent calendars.

With our range of personalised felt advent calendars, you can find not only a new and special way of completing the countdown, but also an eco friendly alternative.

The origin of the Advent Calendar can be traced back to the 19th. Century. The first styles came from the protestant area. So religious families made a chalk line for every day in December until Christmas Eve. The first known Advent Calendar which was made by handwork is from the year 1851.

Other early styles were the Adventclock or the Adventcandle – a candle for each of the 24 days until Christmas, like today’s Advent wreath. So in religious families little pictures were hung up on the wall – one for each day in December. An other tradition was to paint chalk strokes on the door, one per day until Christmas Eve.

You can fill the pockets with your own little treats to make each morning extra special for all members of your family.

Best of all, they can be brought out next year to get the special feeling and the year after and the year after that too…

Check out our full range of personalised advent calendars here.

We also have another special countdown calendar featuring the Snowman and Snowdog. Don’t forget to check it out as something the entire family can enjoy.

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