Exclusive to Prime Gift Essentials – Filled Christmas Eve Boxes

Good Evening Everyone.

Thank you for joining us this evening, I am so thrilled to introduce to your our PGE exclusively pre filled Christmas Eve Boxes.

We have limited stock available they will be allocated on a first come first paid service, with 24 boys boxes and 24 girls boxes – ideal ages 9-16 years and we also have 24 Baby Christmas Eve Boxes.

Our representatives had a little competition those evening to create new posters specifically for this announcement and to show you the goodies that will be included.

For the boys

  • GAME OVER game controller shaped handle mug
  • GAME OVER Portable USB Charger Power Bank Keyring
  • GAME OVER Game Controller Shaped Ear Bud Phones
  • Small Christmas Eve Elf Box
  • Fizzy Cola Bottles (125g)
  • Mini Marshmellows (125g)
  • Cherries (125g)
  • Postage

And for the Girls

  • Enchanted Rainbows Unicorn Novelty Shaped Earphones
  • Enchanted Rainbows Unicorn USB Charger Power Bank Keyring
  • I don’t Believe in Humans Rainbow Unicorn Shaped Handle Mug
  • Small Christmas Eve Elf Box
  • Fizzy Cola Bottles (125g)
  • Mini Marshmellows (125g)
  • Cherries (125g)
  • Postage

And for the babies

  • Medium Christmas Eve Elf Box
  • 2x Elf Bibs
  • Gender Elf, boy or Girl
  • Gigi Giraffe Wrist Rattle
  • Snowies – please me mindful of your babies age as to whether they have these or you do.
  • Postage

To buy the box of items normally if they we available on the website would set you back just over £40, but because we especially are massive fans of Christmas, we are selling funky elf boxes, with the above chosen products already in them for more than 25% off normal price.

I am please to announce that each box is £27 only and that includes postage and is sent second class. If you would prefer tracked postage it will be an extra £1 so £28 in total.

These boxes are only available to purchase through our Representatives Facebook Groups, and all payments are required no later than the 10th December to ensure enough time to deliver to your homes in time for to the big winter event.

We have more unique exclusives coming over the next year so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and goodnight.

Zoe Tiley – Chief Executive



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