Personalised Valentines Novels

I’m a sucker for a love story. Who isn’t?  How about a gift that shows as a real love story and bring you and that special someone into the world of some of the best love stories ever written.

These three classics can now be altered to names of your choosing.  In my opinion these are a thoughtful stunning gift for Valentine’s Day, Wedding presents, Anniversary present.. or just because. 

Romeo and Juliet. A tale of love amid a long running feud between families hoping love would conquer all. Love , revenge, secret marriage…. the star crossed lovers growing up too soon puts the coronation street story-lines to shame. Shakespeare. 

Wuthering heights is another true classic where Emily Bronte tells a tale of love and loss. Another story of challenging Victorian aged traditions, gender inequality, and the social classes. It truly is a tale before its time. Adapted into both film and song it is truly ageless. 

Finally, Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austin’s stunning piece of literature sharing the tale of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. Showing the importance of marrying for love not for money and it’s gains within society.  

Amazing literature that has paved the way for all our favourite books, films and music for 100s of years. Perfect for your loved ones at any time of the year.

These novels come in varying options for making them extra special for your loved one, from changing just the main character’s name to adapting 6 of the most influential roles of the novel. Just another perfect gift from us here at prime gift essentials and at a bargain price. See the full collection with personalisation details here.

Written by
Kirie Hanely
PGE Sales Leader

Edited by
Nick Simmons
Executive Sales Director

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