Halloween Giveaway Free Chocolate Bar

Hey Kiddies, 

How would you like to win a Personalised Chocolate Bar for Halloween from all of us here at Prime Gifts?

Milk Chocolate Bar
15cm x 7cm x 1cm
Weight 100g
May contain traces of nuts

All you need to do, is find the 5 pictures from the big picture below, you can always ask a grown up to help you.

*1 Bar per household.*

Closing Date: Midnight 27th October 2019 (the bars will arrive within 5-7 days of the closing date,

Created using "Pic Collage"

How to locate:

Use these clues to help you find all 5 pictures, write them all out on a piece of paper or print the page below, as you will need to send us your deciphered clues AND photos of where you found them once you have done. A grown up can help you with this if you do not know how.

Click key and clues to print a copy


We will announce all of the winners after the closing date, so please ensure you email with the photos, child’s name (up to 20 Characters), and address for delivery (only the town will be used when announcing the winners)


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  1. Comment on behalf of customer/winner: My daughter really enjoyed the game but we were confused about what to do at first as I didn’t see the instructions. I think it said deciphered clues but i think it would of been better with abit more detail. We couldn’t understand what the blank boxes were for 🙈 Then realised the numbers go with the letters. Maybe just explain how to use the number and letter chart abit more.

    We have taken our customers feedback on board and will ensure to provide more detail/instructions in future competitions. ~ Head Office

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