Update to Hours of Operation

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought I would take the opportunity to update you all on our new Temporary Hours of Operation, following the birth of our son Declan.

Some of you may already know but our gorgeous boy was born 11 weeks premature after 6 years of trying to conceive. As a result, every minute with him has been for making memories, good, bad and the scary. I am so pleased to share that he is doing amazingly well, hitting all his milestones and bringing joy to our life every single day.

I have been racked with guilt for the last couple weeks, attempting to juggle being a new Mumma, a wifey, an individual, and a double business owner. Think it is obvious to say this certainly has not been an easy journey.

We have come up with a schedule that suits all 3 of us and ensures enough time to dedicate to both businesses with a new change of operation hours.

With stipulation that the website is open and operational 24/7, it is only the office hours that are changing until the new year.

*Please note, all orders and emails will be processed and actioned as priority at the start of each day to ensure no delays*

**I would also like to remind our loyal customers to also keep an eye on their emails, and to ensure that you have a contact number on your customer accounts, so that we can contact you if there are any concerns with your orders.**

Thanks for reading

Boss Lady

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