Gift Card’s are back!!!

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We are bringing back the Gift Cards. YAY!!


Gift Card Poster

Are you finding it difficult to narrow down the perfect gift from our HUGE range of options here at Prime Gift Essentials? Well we may have the perfect solution for you!!

We have now reintroduced our Gift Card option in £10, £25, £50 & £100 Increments for customer choice. You can send to your loved one so they can decide on the perfect gift for them.

Or are you not sure what to get your special mother figure? Get them a gift card and let them choose from our wide range of Mother’s Day gifts and much more.


Do you want to save up a little cash to use for birthdays, weddings or Christmas? Buy yourself a small gift card every month and watch the amount build up before that extra special time.

You, our Prime Gift Essentials’ customers asked for the gift cards to come back and we listened. You are the reason that we do this every day and always strive to bring you the biggest selection, best service and most value for money each and every time that you visit us.

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest something that you would like to see here at Prime Gift Essentials, visit the Contact Us page here.

A big thank you from our CEO for making this site a wonderful place to shop



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