About Us

Have you heard of The Prime Essentials Corporation? 

No? well you are in for a treat. Prime Gifts is the first Division born, Prime Household & Prime Indulgence are our delightful sister companies also within the Corporation. 

We have the desire and drive to make your gift shopping an enjoyable experience,  with beautiful products, great articles, fabulous prices and not to mention our special offers and bundle packages. 

But wait!!! That is not all, we also offer hard working and friendly individuals the opportunity to join our fabulous Corporation as an Affiliate. 

Curious to learn more? Well then, head over to our Affiliate Introduction Page to find out all the amazing benefits to working with us by promoting our products.

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Our story

Prime Gift Essentials was the first Division Created within The Prime Essentials Corporation, in 2018 by the CEO Zoe Tiley.



My Background.

“I have suffered with complicated medical and emotional issued since I was 15. Dealing with these issues has helped me become a kind and caring person that takes nothing for granted.”

“After many years working

 the normal 9-5,  my experience grew, but my personal life had several bad choices that with hindsight I would certainly have taken the other path, and my health did not do me any favors. Every medication the doctors tried, and physical therapy didn’t change the constant pain,  and when it effected my ability to walk, and cook and even to the point of getting myself dressed I had my limitations, not to mention the effect on my mental health.”

“In 2017, my fiance and I became homeless due to a continuous chain of bad circumstances, but after a period of deep depression a light came through and we were housed through the local council. Finally!! We were able to start rebuilding our life, deciding and planning our goals and that is how Prime Gifts and The Prime Essentials Corporation came into our vision.”


 You can also visit our other divisions: Prime Household & Prime Indulgence

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