About Prime Gift Essentials

Prime Gift Essentials was started by Zoe Tiley in 2018. Zoe has several medical complications that prevent her from having a “normal” day job. Instead of laying down and accepting the restrictions that these issues cause, she decided to make a job work for her from home and then Prime Gift Essentials was born.

Zoe wanted to create a one stop shop for people to satisfy all of their gift and party supplies needs. She spent hours upon hours trawling different medias to work out the best way to bring this to our potential customers. In the end, we settled on three warehouses that are full of varying types of products. These range from licence character party kits, such as Disney Pixar’s Cars to Harry Potter, to beautiful personalised gifts for every occasion.

Not all of these products will be on this site straight away but Zoe and her partner Nick are working around the clock to keep updating the products and add more lines as time goes on. 

Zoe works extremely hard to give the best service that she possibly can. She loves her family dearly and wants to be a strong role model for her nephews and cousins. She always wears her heart in her sleeve and gives everything that she can into everything that she does. 

What PGE can offer you

Here at Prime Gift Essentials, we want to offer our customers as many different options as possible for their upcoming events and celebrations. Whether it is an anniversary celebration for your grandparents or a birthday party for your youngest child, we want to be able to not only offer you a beautiful personalised gift, but also everything you could need to kit the party out in their favourite theme or colour.

Every person is different and every person is molded by the events, not only that we attend but the events, of our lives. The gifts that we give and receive can play a major part in that. We want to help you get the perfect gift to show the recipient how much they mean to you.

Just because we are a gift and party supplier, does not mean that you can not get yourself a little gift at the same time. No one knows you better than you, so why not get yourself the perfect gift while showing another person how much you care. 

If there is something that you would like to get but can’t find it on the site, please send us a message using the Contact Us page on the link below.