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Do you find it difficult to hold down a full time salaried position, a family life, housework, social life, and where does all the money come to pay for it all? Truth is the worlds necessities are majorly overpriced, so here at Prime Gift Essentials, we do what we can as owners to make your life a little easier, providing you secondary or initial contracted Self Employed position, our affiliates are all extremely friendly and sociable and not only will you be supported in all aspects 24.7 but you will also have a safe and privately place to rant and rave if you need it, or to loose yourself in funny conversation, need advice etc.

What do you need to do?


1. Decide which business name you would like to use for your affiliate ID, for example if your Facebook group will be called “Zoe’s Gifts” use that same name in your ID so customers can recognize it as it will appear in your affiliate link. Please ensure that there are no spaces in your Affiliate ID as this will form part of your unique ID and your web link.

2. Please ensure you enter at least 1 preferred payment method, otherwise we will not be able to pay out your commission, we can pay via pay-pal or Bank Transfer, every Friday.

4. Submit the completed form, your account will be reviewed within 24 hours.

5. Once reviewed, you will receive instructions on how to start the short training course. You have 3 weeks to complete this. On average, the course takes 2-4 hours to complete. If you require an extension, please pop an email to primegiftessentials@outlook.com or talk to your Sales Leader. You will need to read the modules, answer the questions in the spaces provided and complete all sections. You will also be added to the main Business Chat so you have an alternative method of contact, especially important if you are a walk on sign up.

6. Once your training is complete, you will be notified via email, your website account will be approved, and you will be added to the Employee Only & Sales Training Groups on Facebook.

7. Once training has been completed, we require a £5 a year fee which will pay for the upkeep of your Affiliate link, your access to the back office portal and the training and support that you will receive throughout the year.

Facebook – Pre Account Approval – You are not authorized to promote or advertise this company, or the products without our approval, once you have completed the training modules. If it is identified that this rule has been broken, your account may not be approved, dependent on the severity of the breach and how far through the training you are.

You will also need to add your recruiter on Facebook, if applicable, if you are a walk on sign up, please add our Chief Executive on Facebook  at https://www.facebook.com/zoe.tiley.9  

Facebook – Post Approval – 

1. You will need to create a social media group/page where you can advertise our products with your own unique website link, there is a unit available in the Employee Only Group, that explains the difference between a group and a page, the pros and cons to assist you in your decision.

2. Your group or page should be set up, with a minimum of an introduction post, 3 category posts, 3 product posts and an interaction post and a post about the loyalty program. This should be completed before you add any members or provide your link to anyone. A lot of people who join a new group or view a new page, expect to see content, otherwise there is no reason for them to join/look, they will not have a good idea of what services and products you offer, and there wont be any reason for them to stay and wait around for you to do enough to get you started of. In an ideal world would like your group or page to be “Member Ready” within 2 weeks of completing your training and receiving your approval.

Portal / Website Training – This will all be covered in the training, there are two things you do need to know:

  1. Is that we currently ship to the United Kingdom and Ireland. We can ship internationally on most products, however, this can only be actioned via special request at present.
  2. Our company has only a £5 a year joining fee and catalogs are optional. All payments for orders are required upfront before Head Office will release the products, as much as we would love to be able to trust everyone, there are times when unfortunately a customer will not pay if you cover ahead for them, this procedure is to protect not only the company, but you as well, and it also protects the customer.

Special Rules 

We have a couple additional rules here, both fairly minor, but it is important to note.

  1. You work the hours / days, you want to / are able to
  2. You are NOT required to check in frequently, we base activeness on your activity in your group or on your page, and by your contributions in the Work groups and Business Chat, understandably the more you get involved the more you will feel comfortable with your colleagues and feel more comfortable if you need to ask questions and will know any important announcements that are released, but also, your voice and opinions are highly valued, help shape this company for many years to come.
  3. There are no monetary targets here. we do not set a minimum order value, if you have set up on Facebook and then are going to be away for more than a week, we recommend that you notify your up-line or another Leader to discuss if cover is required for your customers, WE will NOT prompt you to notify anyone, and if we have not seen or heard from your, and there is no activity in your group for 6 weeks or more, you will be send an email to advise that we will be terminating your account.
  4. In regards to commission, when you submit an order, if you are doing so on behalf of the customer, you would collect the full payment from the customer, submit and pay the order, and providing there are no issues with stock those items will be dispatched and your 20% commission will be paid out every Friday. We can allow you to retain your commission up to your set amount, or until the last Friday of the month which ever is sooner, to retain your commission in the system. If this is something that you would like to take advantage of, you will need to send an email to head office at primegiftessentials@outlook.com. If we do not receive an email, your commission will be paid on Friday, regardless of the amount.

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